Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Get To Know Diary of Mia

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I think it is pretty much interesting and enriching to know something about the blogger you are following. I love to read interviews with my fav fashion bloggers. A while ago I was interview by Niki from Only Girl Nicolette. Unfortunately the interview is on Czech so I decided to translate it for you. If you got any question feel free ask me bellow this post!

myslím si že je celkem zajímavé a obohacující se alespoň virtuálně přiblížit blogerům, které sledujete. Já hrozně ráda čtu rozhovory s mými oblíbenými blogery. Před časem mě vyzpovídala Nika z Only Girl Nicolette. Rozhovor si můžete přečíst tady. Já jí tímto moc děkuji. :)


How would you introduced yourself?
First of all I would like to greet all the readers of your blog. I am the author of the blog Diary of Mia. I currently live and study in Portugal, from where I have been blogging for a while. Fashion was always fun. I  am graduated from secondary school of fashion design, but my interest has shifted from designing clothes to the styling. Blog is one of my joys, although I do not have as much time as I wish for blogging.

How and why did you decide to establish your blog?
It was about two years ago in Switzerland, where I spent time with ex boyfriend who lives there. When he was working, I had some time so I was passing by blogs. I started to think about the idea that I could start running something on my own and post from different parts of Europe and Asia. I was also writing for several fashion websites at that time. I enjoy writing articles so it seemed that my two passions could be combined into one. When I talked about it with him, he told me to go for it and he supported me. He was also my first follower.

What are your favorite pots on other blogs?
I love posts about traveling as well as outfits. I also enjoy reading reviews. According to them I have already bought a lot of products.

Which blogs among your favorite? Or do you have only one?
The very first blog I started to follow was Ejvi's. I love posts of Bella where I can read about Czechs living abroad. And I could go on.. on each blog I am following I find something what interests me. Moreover I have been reading Portuguese blogs lately.

What would you like to achieve in the bloggers world?
I would like to inspire people not only in fashion, but even to cheer them up to do not to be afraid to go to study abroad.

What is your favorite cosmetics and beauty shop?
I buy most cosmetics in pharmacy, cause I have very sensitive skin and eyes. Vichy and Bioderma are my favorite ones. I also love products by Victoria's Secret. And I can not forget Balea, which I have been using a lot recently.

Where you like to buy clothes? And in what clothes you feel the best?
Never go shopping with the idea that I will get something in this particular store. I buy it where it catches my eye. No matter the brand. I try to spend as less money as I can for trendy things. On the contrary, I like to buy  timeless pieces from those brands which I know will last for a while. I do not mind to pay for quality. For example I have no problem to mix Burberry shirt with cheaper pieces to  from Zara, HM, etc.

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